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WEL gave women power, “no one should ever under-estimate it. It was like you grew two inches taller because suddenly you felt so powerful. People listened, they wanted to know what you said.” – Wendy McCarthy, Making Women Count.

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Over the past 4 decades, WEL has been a force to be reckoned with in Australian politics.
We’ve been instrumental in the introduction of equal pay legislation in 1972, which saw women awarded the male rate of pay, no matter what job they performed; the drafting and implementation of state anti-discrimination and federal sex discrimination legislation; and rape law reform.
Despite these significant wins, there is still work to do. If you would like to be involved in changing women’s lives for the better (and creating a bit of history) join us!
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May h 20

Unaffordable Housing a Crisis for Women

Media Release Thursday 15 May 2014

Women, especially mid aged and older women, are the largely hidden victims of Australia’s affordable housing crisis according to Women’s Electoral Lobby (WEL).

WEL presented evidence before the NSW upper house Affordable Housing Inquiry on Monday 12 May that the crisis in housing affordability has specific impacts on women.

affordable housing

WEL Executive Member Mary O’Sullivan said both WEL and the Older Women’s Network (OWN) were concerned about the potential impact the NSW Government’s tendering out of homelessness services would have on women’s refuges.

“Very few of the 274 submissions to the Inquiry recognise that women fleeing domestic violence, single, mid-aged and older women suffer most from lack of affordable housing. (more…)

May 15, 2014 0

Budget 2013: A Missed Opportunity for Women


Media release: Tuesday 14 May, 2013

The Federal Budget’s focus on workforce participation and study for those on welfare support was a missed opportunity to solve the job flexibility and childcare access problems faced by women, according to the Women’s Electoral Lobby.

Emma Davidson said WEL was comfortable with the Government cutting the Baby Bonus; but it should ensure these savings are directed to assist lower income families, particularly to ensure better access and affordability of Early Childhood Education and Care.

“Progress has been made in the Early Childhood Education and Care sector with funding allocated to help families meet childcare fees and for a trial of some 24-hour early childhood facilities and contributions. (more…)

May 14, 2013 1

Burdening women with more work and less support

Tuesday 13 May, 2014

The 2014-15 Federal Budget will increase the impact on women of income inequality, difficulty accessing affordable quality child care, scarcity of affordable housing, and rising costs of healthcare, according to the Women’s Electoral Lobby.


WEL Australia Secretary Emma Davidson said that the Budget includes measures introducing disincentives for not being in paid work, but does not provide adequate funding for initiatives that will solve problems such as childcare affordability. Even worse, there are cuts to programs and the introduction of co-payments that make it even harder for women on low incomes to make ends meet.

“This Budget will see even more women, particularly women with children and older women on Age Pensions, in need of homelessness support or acute health care services in hospitals,” Emma Davidson said.

“The negative effects of this Budget will be felt for generations to come.” (more…)

May 13, 2014 0
April r 20

Neville Wran’s Decade of Social Progress

By Helen L’Orange and Jozefa Sobski

With his passing many tributes to Neville Wran have focused on his achievements in strengthening physical and environmental infrastructure. For many of us Neville Wran’s greatest achievement was leading the building of social infrastructure and social reform which led a paradigm shift and changed society for the better in NSW and, arguably, throughout Australia. This social progress continues to this day.

For those working in the public service, the excitement and idealism created by Neville Wran’s leadership pervaded our work. He gave us the best years of our working lives. There were strong connections to community organizations and groups such as Women’s Electoral Lobby, National Council of Women, Business and Professional Women NSW, Women Lawyers Association, NSW Council of Social Services, Labor Women’s Committee, Immigrant Women’s Speakout. Above all, there was a belief in the possibility of social reform and making strides towards achieving equality of the sexes and raising the status and standing of women.

Helen L'Orange and with then Premier Neville Wran

Helen L’Orange and with then Premier Neville Wran

The Women’s Coordination Unit was established in the Premier’s Department; a Social Development Unit was established in the Ministry of Education and gradually women’s units or units focused on equal opportunity or women’s policy and programs were established across government in most departments. These included health, industrial relations, housing, prisons, education and TAFE, multicultural affairs and community services .These units had a brief to influence departmental policy, undertake gender analysis, initiate programs for improving women’s status and create women specific services. The TAFE Women’s Coordination Unit, for example, was established to encourage girls into trades as well as running women only courses for those returning to study or work from a period of child rearing. The Women in Prison Task Force Report and Girls at Risk Report were far sighted and are still relevant today (more…)

April 28, 2014 1

Affordable Housing is a Feminist Issue

By Mary O’Sullivan

(This is a footnoted version of an article in the April WEL newsletter. With thanks also to Josefa Green for suggestions)

During the last month Women’s Electoral Lobby has made three submissions on implications for women of the current crisis in housing affordability.  The first is to the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into Social, Public and Affordable Housing. We have also made two submissions through Women’s Electoral Lobby Australia (WELA) to the Inquiry into Affordable Housing being conducted by the Senate Economic References Committee: one as a member of the Equality Rights Alliance (ERA) and the other from WELA itself.

WEL members can view submissions to the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry on the NSW Parliament website, then follow the links to ‘Inquiries’, or if you like, ‘Committees’. The WELsubmission is no162. Submissions to the Senate Inquiry being conducted by the Economic References Committee are being posted on the site. They can be viewed here. The ERA  submission is no 95 and WELA’s  is no 168.


April 14, 2014 2

Opinion: Abbott’s PPL plan flawed but a step in the right direction?

By Charity Danquah

The “Minister for Women”, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has repeatedly announced his intention to bring in his paid parental leave (PPL) scheme despite widespread criticism from both his constituency of business groups and, many groups from what is seen as the other side of politics. The Financial Review states that Abbott’s PPL scheme is “deeply unpopular with big business…[with] organisations such as the Business Council of Australia, the Australian Industry Group and the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry have called for it to be scrapped or pared right back”. At the same time the Opposition and some women’s groups have attacked it for being targeted to rich women.

With the Abbott governments diatribe against the age of entitlement, many critics of the PPL scheme are struggling to comprehend how the Prime Minister could propose a scheme that would cost $5.5 billion annually (under full operation) while waging a war to cut back on “wasteful” spending. The Scheme would replace the current government scheme, which offers women the minimum wage. (more…)

April 15, 2014 2
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